Door Industry

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Our components for the door industry

Components for hallway doors

When a particularly stable outer door is needed.

Customized development of finger jointed and/or glued components from solid wood or in combination with different functional materials (for instance inlays made from glass fibre fabrics or expanded metals). Additional products for the door industry


Dimensionally stable and straight frames for doors and windows made of finger jointed spruce or fir. Exactly cut and planed, ready for assembly components and already prefabricated assemblies in different quality ranges. Customized product labelling and commissioning. Additional products for the door industry.


Casing made of finger jointed / laminated solid wood or as MDF-sandwich-element with stabile spruce core. Best suited for wide casings for old-building renovation and for high-quality interior construction. As board or finished cuts. Planed or sanded. Additional products for the door industry.

Stiles and rails
Stiles and rails

  • Length-Cross-Lock-Bars
  • for honeycomb door panels
  • minimal bending and best stiffness
  • matched to type of border
  • four-side high precision (+/-0.1)
  • lengths from 300 to 7.200mm
  • different slots and carves available
    more products for doors

Blanks for doorframes, as premanufactured frieze or as boards for the individual optimization of width. Two or four-sided and glued with MDF for best surfaces with films, in massive execution for cover with veneer. The finger jointed central position ensures perfect straightness and best screw strength. Additional products for the door industry