A variety of innovations (in alphabetical order)

Construction Bars

Slats as underconstruction for ground structures or as upholstery wood for wall and ceiling covering or other applications. Finger jointed and / or waterproof laminated, four-sided planed and on request broken/beveled on the edges. Expedient sorting. Additional technical components

Components for hallway doors

When a particularly stable outer door is needed.

Customized development of finger jointed and/or glued components from solid wood or in combination with different functional materials (for instance inlays made from glass fibre fabrics or expanded metals). Additional products for the door industry

Picture Frames

Finger jointed and, on request, widely glued carrier material made of light, low-fat mountain pine or fine-pored spruce from the alps. Ideal for planing of complex profiles and subsequent finishing with exclusive surfaces. Cut as board goods or four-sided sharp or rather diagonally. Additional products for profile cover


Dimensionally stable and straight frames for doors and windows made of finger jointed spruce or fir. Exactly cut and planed, ready for assembly components and already prefabricated assemblies in different quality ranges. Customized product labelling and commissioning. Additional products for the door industry.

Base Boards for work places

The ecological, affordable base for standing workstations. Three-layered structure with contral position made of cork or rubber: protects against cold concrete grounds, reduces vibrations, prevents joint pains. An ergonomical work place increases the concentration and efficiency of the employees.


The compact combustible for middle to big sized heating systems. High energetic value due to large combustible mass, around 8% water content, ideal as addition for performance increase. Size around 5cm x 5cm, easy handling as bulk material. Your biomass installation needs less filling with it. Additional products in the biomass segment

Intrusion Protection

Components for doors with special security requirements. Different sandwhich elements ensure a marginal bending of the frame against levering and highest desctruction resistance by application of armoured wood. Also applicable as components for panic rooms. Additional products for the door industry.


Timber or finger jointed strips from spruce, pine, fir, beech and lime for different applications in interior constructions and the furniture area. Available in diverse ranges and measures, selectable after the requirements of the customer. Pre-planed, precision planed or profiled. Additional products of the door industry.

Window beams

Fine-pored mountain wood, rift/half-rift, from certified spruce forests. In different versions, with continuing and/or finger jointed slats, two or threefold glued with D3 or D4 glue. Customized structure, for instance with thin middle slat (as alternative to …). Additional products for window manufacturer


Casing made of finger jointed / laminated solid wood or as MDF-sandwich-element with stabile spruce core. Best suited for wide casings for old-building renovation and for high-quality interior construction. As board or finished cuts. Planed or sanded. Additional products for the door industry.

Glass Strips

Completely error-free, finger jointed strips with perfectly closed dovetails. As carrier material for the cover with veneer, film or varnish. In different measurements, as sharp-edged blank, diagonally divided or already profiled. Perfectly precommissioned. Additional products for window manufacturer

Wood Chips

Wood chips in different sizes and drying classes, freshly sawed or technically dried, with or without bark mainly from spruce/pine, for instance in versions G30/w20, G50/w50, G30/w8. According to your requirements (for instance type of firing system), we develop you an individual biomass formula (mixture). Additional products in the biomass segment

Hopi Light

Leightweighted filling boards made of finger jointed, glued solid wood for the application in technical doors or in furniture leightweighted construction. The demanding alternative to the classical comb filling made of splinter/tube splinter or carton combines multiple technical advantages. We will be happy to advise you. Additional products for the door industry


Overlength window beam (for instance 6m) with knot-free, rift-like surface, for the use in filigree post bar fronts made of solid wood or as optimized rod for the manufacturing of big windows. Top layer slats (3mm) made of composed sliced veneer layers. Additional products for window manufacturing

Instrument Wood

Instrument wood made of fine-pored mountain spruce for piano bottoms and string instruments. Selected board product, manufactured exclusively in a special tangential cut. Technically, perfectly dried and with decade-long sorting experience manually selected. Additional products in the Acoustics segment

Cheese Boards

Continuous or biologically glued slats made of healthy and fine-pored spruce wood. Raw material from low-emission mountain forests, FSC and/or PEFC certified. The ideal base for the storage of cheese. On request planed, sanded and beveled.

Wedge Frame / Tenter

Finger jointed strips in spruce or pine. Best quality, knot and box free, low levels of resin, straight strips guaranteed, without bend. Lengths up to 7.40m. On request planed and laminated. Different processing possibilities according to customer requirements. Versatile packaging opportunities. Additional products for the door industry

Folding Shutters/Blinds

Exactly cut to length and according to parts list precommissioned components for fixed, inboard or overhanging slats. Careful technical drying guarantees low tension and less warping. On request profiled or processed on the front. Additional products for window manufacturer

Wood / Polyurethane Sandwich

The smart solution for demanding applications. Reduces the use of valuable tropical wood and other expensive materials. Higher bending strength or more elasticity. Continuous edge on the visible side, functional material in the invisible area. The individual combination bar combines a variety of functions. Further technical components

Stiles and rails
Stiles and rails

  • Length-Cross-Lock-Bars
  • for honeycomb door panels
  • minimal bending and best stiffness
  • matched to type of border
  • four-side high precision (+/-0.1)
  • lengths from 300 to 7.200mm
  • different slots and carves available
    more products for doors
LENOFON is a patented, special exclusive sound absorbent ceiling and wall covering for new construction and renovation, manufactured out of fine-pored spruce wood, in combination with natural, renewable insulating materials. Building biologically of high quality and completely ecological. For detailed information go to
Solid Wood Boards

Solid wood boards in one or two-layer structure made of finger jointed spruce or pine. For visible, decorative applications as knotless board with finger jointed rift/half-rift slats OR as invisible construction boards for the coating with veneer. Order-related measures. Additional products for the door industry

Mounting Wood for Roof Windows

For the application on adjoining roof windows and hatches. Offers best stiffness and prevents glass breakage. Easy handling and relatively little weight. Waterproof gluing. Deliverable as single-layered mounting wood or cross-glued board goods. Additional products or window manufacturing


Improve your fire protection features of your doors with inlays made of Palusol or Promaseal. The foaming of the inlays at around 100°C causes a reliable combination of fire and smoke protection. Avoid extra work steps in your production. We also manufacture small series. More products in the fire protection segment

Boards with Peel Veneer Cover

Versatile applications, perfectly closed surface for coating with thin films or varnishes, stable finger jointed central position with best mechanical features. The „all-wooden“ alternative to MDF sandwich boards. Additional products for the door industry


Timber or strips finger jointed, in spruce, fir, pine, technically dried, in different qualities, measures and lengths. Additional products for the door industry

Profile Strip

Finger jointed carrier material for the cover with film, veneer or hard varnish. Fine-pored spruce from the alps ensure straight strips and reduces junk after finishing. Also available as massive, continuous moulding in beech or lime wood types. Additional products for profile cover.

PU Strips

We can not only do wood. Strips, profiles and simple mouldings made of foamed polyurethane, for application in water and humidity exposed constructions and applications. Different bulk densities from 300 to 500 kg/m³ are possible. Order-related development and formulars. Completely own manufacturing. go to

PYROSTONE stands for our patented product in the fire protection doors segment. The hybrid component made of wood and 2K epoxy resin can be processed as ordinary wood, but maintains its stability and stiffness also at high temperatures. The innovative product for fire-resistant wooden doors with a 60-minutes fire resistance. More information about PRYOSTONE
Bark Mulch

Available year-round, made from chopped or gross bark, for gardening or biomass heat plants. Mainly made of spruce, pine or fir. Water content around 50%. Additional products in the biomass segment


You receive two types of sawdust from us (mainly spruce/fir):

  • From the sawmill: around 50% water content, completely pure, without bark. Ideal for the production of pellets.
  • From secondary processing: around 8% water content, mixed sawdust with wood shavings, 110-140kg/srm.

Additional products in the biomass segment

Sandwich boards MDF/HDF

The robust board with perfect surface for coating with high-gloss varnish or films. Multilayer structure with covers in HDF/MDF (3 to 25mm) and central position of finger jointed and laminated slats (quality according to respective requirements). Individual executions and measurements. Additional products for the door industry.


Timber or strips finger jointed in spruce / pine, prismatised and sharp-edged, technically dried, low levels of resin and sound knots, without stain, measurements and lengths according to customers requirements.


Board product in spruce, fir or pine. Cut from fine-pored mountain wood with extremely smooth fibre. Endurance is ensured. Parallel or prismatically cut, fresh or technically dried, different ranges for interior, windows and furniture construction. Additional products for the door industry

We supply the biggest European producers of mouldings with fine-pored finger jointed spruce for coatings. The joints are perfectly and the bars are absolutely straight – this reduces your waste. As equalized blank or as precisely planed strip. Additional products for profile cover

As invisible, second bar in doors with particularly high demands with respect to fire protection/climate room/intrusion protection. Also with floor height doors an indispensible component. Makes every door an absolutely rigid product. Available in LSL, LVL or construction beech. Additional products for the door industry.


The light and robust blockboard. Three or multilayered blockboard with central position made of finger jointed and widely glued spruce rods and top layers from free of knots peel veneers (poplar or fromager). Order-related executions and measurements.

Sound Wood

Already the Stradivari was manufactured out of woods from the Latemar region, Europe’s best growth area in the heart of the UNESCO world heritage. Due to high requirements (straight, narrow fibre course / large trunk diameter / large branch gap), only 0.1% of the trunks are suited for this application. Additional products in the Acoustics segment


Glued boards in spruce or pine, with covers in HDF and central position made of finger jointed slats, assembly principally according to customer needs, in different lengths up to 5.40m, certified with white glue D3 or D4. Additional products for the door industry


Blanks for doorframes, as premanufactured frieze or as boards for the individual optimization of width. Two or four-sided and glued with MDF for best surfaces with films, in massive execution for cover with veneer. The finger jointed central position ensures perfect straightness and best screw strength. Additional products for the door industry