CT LOG – Nature meets Digital Twin

CT LOG –quality determination accurate to the millimetre from the very beginning.

Thanks to Microtec CT LOG, we know exactly what is inside a tree trunk. Even before the first cut. The fully digitised 3D log reconstruction makes cracks, defects and the condition of the wood visible – with just one mouse click.

Every log is different.

While fine-grained wood, for instance, is particularly suitable for violin making, woods of high strength are used primarily in door construction.

Until now physical incision was necessary to identify the properties of a log.

Not so with Microtec CT Log: As soon as the log is placed in the futuristic tube of the 360° log computed tomography scanner, it is “X-rayed” from top to bottom.

It only takes three seconds for Microtec CT Log to capture a four-meter log.

At 1,500 images per second, the collected information is converted into 3D data and a real-time image is generated. The rotating X-ray sensor enables a millimetre-precise display. Based on the shape, quality and strength of the wood, Microtec CT Log finally evaluates how best to use it – including optimal cutting points.

You can therefore be sure that we will deliver exactly the right wood components that perfectly match your products.