Review Südstern Event, 28/12/2016

This is about the Südsterne, members of the network of South Tyroleans abroad. Each year, the organization team is able to find a special location, that is prepared with a lot of attention to detail. This time, the Südstern annual event took place on the 28th of December 2016 at Werk 2 of the Holz Pichler AG in the Eggental. The emphasis was put on the topic wood in all its facettes.

After the official welcoming address by Südstern President Armin Hilpold, governor Arno Kompatscher delivered greetings to the 300 present Südsterne from over 50 countries and to representatives from over 70 Südstern partner companies from the domestic economy. The joint exchange and networking were as always paramount and so there was a “activity game”, to ease the getting to know among each other.

Highlight of the evening was the first-time presentation of the five winners of the FUTURA promotional award for young South Tyroleans abroad. The official award ceremony already took place in the morning at the Parkhotel Laurin, where the young South Tyroleans were honored for their merits abroad in terms of innovation, research and development. The FUTURA laureats for 2016 are: Annette Werth, Matthias Preindl, Isabel Heidegger-Pircher and Andreas Pircher as well as Manuel Bruschi. The second meeting of the Südstern planet “science” preceded the Südstern annual event. The planet science was initiated together with the Free University of Bolzano one year ago and was coordinated by Prof. Kurt Matzler.
Theme of the event was “Open Innovation”, at which over 40 South Tyrolean researchers, scientists and professors too part. Speaker was Prof. Reinhard Prügl, Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen.

“The network Südstern now has 2.350 members from 75 countries and the Südstern annual event is a unique opportunity to establish contacts and exchange ideas.” For all participants of the Südstern annual event a present, the “Südstern Giftbag”, was provided at the end with selected, local products of the Südstern partner companies.
Bottom line: also this time, location and production of the Südstern annual meeting were unique. The anticipation to the Südstern annual event 2017 is already great.