Pioneer at ISO 9001:2015 Management System

As one of the first companies in Italy, Holz Pichler AG was already certified according to norm DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 in early February 2016. An essential prerequisite für highest performance is the quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001. To endure international competition, a reliable process management is indispensible. This forms the basis to deliver sustainable products, which always corresponds to the exact customer rquirements over a longer time span and also in larger amounts and that meets the relevant legal and official requirements.

Most important Management System worldwide
In September 2015, the revised version for one of the most important management systems came into force – the quality management norm ISO 9001_2015. In this revision, the basics of the quality management were fundamentally reworked and customized to the needs of customers and stakeholders. Added were, besides comprehensive chance and risk considerations, also considerations of process standards as well as for the first time requirements for a sensible dealing in knowledge. Thus, companies sould protect against loss of knowledge – for instance due to employee fluctuation – and be encouraged to manage their knowledge actively. The fact that Holz Pichler stands at the forefront of the certification in Italy, is for sure an accolade, internally not a lot had to be changed for that to happen. „With the certification, official bodies verify, what internally was already a matter of course for a long time to us. Quality and process security are two essential pillars of our company philosophy“, says Michl Gilli, managing director of Holz Pichler AG, about the certification gladly.

Innovative Process Management
The certification verifies that all business processes take place according to defined standards and therefore, the highest possible quality can be ensured. Regular reviews and audits check the processes and ensure continuing improvement in the processes. „We are a very quality oriented company. This determines our daily thinking and actions. Carefully considered work processes contribute decisively to customer satisfaction. This definitely differentiates us from the competition.“, explains Michl Gilli.