Fire Protection Solutions

Fire protection plays an ever increasing role in our modern word. For this reason, we have developed PYROSTONE together with our partner.

Pyrostone creates a 60-minutes fire resistance at doors according to the Dutch norm NEN 6069 and European norm EN.NEN 1634.1. Even a 90-minutes long fire resistance is under certain conditions possible.

Pyrostone is processed for instance in:

  • Doors
  • Length bars
  • Partition walls
  • Glass strips
  • Cross bars

Pyrostone is very dimensionally stable and maintains its stability, stiffness, fire protection and fire resistance even at high temperatures. In hardened form, it is not reactive and can be touched by its surrounding. A high degree of immunity against humidity complete the features of pyrostone. In one word: the ideal material for every fireproof door construction!

Pyrostone is a FRP (fibre reinforced plastic). The product consists of mineral fibre in a thermo-hardenable plastic (epoxy) with a relative weight of around 1.1 kg/dm³. It is applied in a two-component-way in the wood and is hardened completely within 12 hours.

The use of Pyrostone has many advantages, for instance:

  • While maintaining or even increasing the fireproof features, a 40 to 54mm door thickness is sufficient, so you will be able to save considerable weight and material.
  • Thereby, a lot less problems during the assembly of doors occur and less and lighter hinges are needed.
  • Furthermore, you save logistical activities, storage and transportation costs.
  • The bar remains through the use of pyrostone very stable and does not bent as much during a fire test.
  • Pyrostone can perfectly be included into existing door manufacturing processes.
  • It improves the work conditions, because you achieve a lower weight per door.
  • You reduce the use of tropical wood, because spruce wood is used. Thus, you use an ecologic product!

Meanwhile, diverse door manufacturers have successfully performed fire test with doors, in which Pyrostone border wood was processed. For instance, fire tests with a 40mm thick door (filled with Pyrostone spruce border wood) were successful. Hereby, a mounting frame out of steel (unfilled) was used, that was mounted into a wall of gas concrete. This test took place according to the new European norm EN.NEN 1634.1: the result was a 68-minutes long fire resistance.

Thanks to this excellent fire protection result, the wall (without being tested anew) can be replaced by gas concrete and/or gypsum blocks. The frame can be replaced by a masonry frame out of steel or a mounting/masonry frame out of wood. Furthermore, the surface measurements of the respective door can be enlarged by 15% without being replaced.



Improve your fire protection features of your doors with inlays made of Palusol or Promaseal. The foaming of the inlays at around 100°C causes a reliable combination of fire and smoke protection. Avoid extra work steps in your production. We also manufacture small series. More products in the fire protection segment

PYROSTONE stands for our patented product in the fire protection doors segment. The hybrid component made of wood and 2K epoxy resin can be processed as ordinary wood, but maintains its stability and stiffness also at high temperatures. The innovative product for fire-resistant wooden doors with a 60-minutes fire resistance. More information about PRYOSTONE