Vision and Innovation Spirit

X TIMBER (former Holz Pichler) was decisively influenced by the vision and innovation spirit of the multifaceted entrepreneur Erich Pichler. With caution and vision he laid the foundation for a prospering sawmill and wood processing business.

  • 1946 – Hans Pichler establishes the sawmill with 12 employees and a cutting capacity of around 6.000cm per annum.
  • 1965 – Son Erich Pichler enters the paternal business. After 1 to 2 years, he assumes the management.
  • 1966 – Complete destruction of the sawmill by a flood desaster
  • 1967 – Reconstruction by the employees and gradual modernization of the company
  • 1987 – Installation of the first manual finger jointing line
  • 1992 – Commissioning of the gluing plant and manufacturing of the first sandwich products (wood/MDF)
  • 1996 – Erich Pichler, together with Microtec, develops the first X-ray scanner for wood
  • 2004 – New construction of the administration building
  • 2007 – Formation of the new company site plant 2 „Holteg
  • 2009 – Commissioning of the first fully automatic cutting robot
  • 2012 – export rate of 15% and revenue of around 12m. Euro
  • 2013 – Sudden death of company director Erich Pichler
  • 2013 – Michael Gilli (nephew of Erich Pichler) continues the business
  • 2014 – full automation of finger jointing lines
  • 2015 – transition to a fully paperless manufature/li>
  • 2016 – new construction of 4 additional high performance drying plants, the drying capacity now stands at 13 chambers with a capacity of over 1.500m³ per cycle
  • 2019 – Installation of two additional high performance finger jointing lines / Construction of a new log yard with Microtec CT Log Scanner.
  • 2022 –export rate of over 70%, revenue of around 28m. Euro
  • 2023 – The company name is changed from Holz Pichler to X TIMBER. The new company name stands for the spirit of innovation and for the mission to “upgrade” high-quality wood components with even more efficient or sustainable products. With an export quota of around 75%, the name should also be easily pronounceable and understandable in all languages.