Technical Components

As a pan-European supplier with experience for decades, we are the ideal partner when it comes to technical components for diverse applications.


Our strengths 

Highest precision, dimensional stability 

Just-in-sequence delivery (monthly/weekly/daily) 

Prefabricated elements (for instance frames, racks and so on) 

Complete quality documents 






 Your advantage

 Almost no junk, less rubbish

 Minimal storage costs, ggf. possibly less slow sellers

 Premanufactured standard components, shorter mounting time

 Less expense for your quality management



Construction Bars

Slats as underconstruction for ground structures or as upholstery wood for wall and ceiling covering or other applications. Finger jointed and / or waterproof laminated, four-sided planed and on request broken/beveled on the edges. Expedient sorting. Additional technical components

Intrusion Protection

Components for doors with special security requirements. Different sandwhich elements ensure a marginal bending of the frame against levering and highest desctruction resistance by application of armoured wood. Also applicable as components for panic rooms. Additional products for the door industry.


Timber or finger jointed strips from spruce, pine, fir, beech and lime for different applications in interior constructions and the furniture area. Available in diverse ranges and measures, selectable after the requirements of the customer. Pre-planed, precision planed or profiled. Additional products of the door industry.

Wedge Frame / Tenter

Finger jointed strips in spruce or pine. Best quality, knot and box free, low levels of resin, straight strips guaranteed, without bend. Lengths up to 7.40m. On request planed and laminated. Different processing possibilities according to customer requirements. Versatile packaging opportunities. Additional products for the door industry

Wood / Polyurethane Sandwich

The smart solution for demanding applications. Reduces the use of valuable tropical wood and other expensive materials. Higher bending strength or more elasticity. Continuous edge on the visible side, functional material in the invisible area. The individual combination bar combines a variety of functions. Further technical components

Mounting Wood for Roof Windows

For the application on adjoining roof windows and hatches. Offers best stiffness and prevents glass breakage. Easy handling and relatively little weight. Waterproof gluing. Deliverable as single-layered mounting wood or cross-glued board goods. Additional products or window manufacturing

PU Strips

We can not only do wood. Strips, profiles and simple mouldings made of foamed polyurethane, for application in water and humidity exposed constructions and applications. Different bulk densities from 300 to 500 kg/m³ are possible. Order-related development and formulars. Completely own manufacturing. go to


As invisible, second bar in doors with particularly high demands with respect to fire protection/climate room/intrusion protection. Also with floor height doors an indispensible component. Makes every door an absolutely rigid product. Available in LSL, LVL or construction beech. Additional products for the door industry.


Glued boards in spruce or pine, with covers in HDF and central position made of finger jointed slats, assembly principally according to customer needs, in different lengths up to 5.40m, certified with white glue D3 or D4. Additional products for the door industry